Our Skillset

Endless Ideas

We love making games and we hope to continually make them regardless of our situations. Please enjoy whatever our efforts bring you!

Insider Knowledge

Being gaming enthusiasts ourselves means that we know some of the unwritten rules of what's needed in a good game.

Programmer's Mindset

We both have used the C-family and have focused our efforts particularly on games. We use Unity and our own OpenGL engines.

Artistic Vision

We both can use MS-Paint disgustingly well. Fortunately for our games we have many valuble connections whom we can collaborate with.

Meet Our Team

Team Member

Founder of BestInSlot, young ambitious programmer. Loves Haskell and functional programming in general.

As programmers we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Ashley Smith

Founder, Lead Programmer
Team Member

Punished Scotsman, wants to create his own games to make up for his own failures in several RPGs.


Cameron Terras

Co-founder, Programmer

Some Fun Facts


Contributions in 2017


Total Steam Games Owned


Combined years of no GF


Linux User

Contact Us

We're new to the industry and would love to hear from you, whoever you are!

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